Hypocrisy of Elisabeth Edwards and Chris Mathews is beyond imaginable.

Hypocrisy of Elisabeth Edwards and Chris Mathews is beyond imaginable.

Edwards is running for office and as a politician who is running he has

  1. obligations to play by the rules
  2. no expectations that voters who do not like him will be nice to him.

If Elisabeth Edwards already today is trying to shut opponents up, can you imagine what she would do if she would be a first lady? ( fortunately it is obviously not going to happen)


On MSNBC, Elizabeth Edwards asked Coulter to stop making personal attacks, saying “it lowers our political dialogue precisely at the time that we need to raise it.”(ABC News)


Why Coulter has to restrain herself in any way?


Coulter is a voter and your husband is going to be a president. Coulter is definitely not your constituency but it gives you no right to use Chris Mathews’s ambush to shut up your opponent. This is not Venezuela and not Russia. Wake up Elisabeth, this is the USA and this is the election time. You came into running voluntarily so stop complaining. Are you trying to cry your way to the White House? If so, Coulter is right. If not. then shut up and at least pretend that you are serious about this campaign.

Me personally I think that “idea” of two Americas is a hate speech when poor are learning how to hate rich and one America is set against another America for the sake of getting the power for Edwards

Coulter is a private person who has no obligations whatsoever to be polite . It may be wrong what she is saying but it is many times more wrong to shut her up by would be first lady. Coulter has rights to say what she said . Period. You do not like it? Deal with that or quit your campaign , but do not lecture a voter on how to react to your candidacy.

I knew that Chris Mathews is a very narrow minded sleazy partisan demagogue. But what he did is beneath even this guy. To invite Coulter to unleash Elisabeth Edwards waiting on a side? Besides that is it ridiculous, it is unethical. Unlike Coulter who as a private person is not limited by any rules other than constitution, this guy consider himself a professional political journalist. To pull stunt like that shows him for who he is indeed- a partisan clown

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