Putin and Russia today

I got a wonderful comment on my previous posting by doctorbulldog and I was so interested with the article that I want to comment on it in a separate posting. I do not agree with some aspects of the posting by doctorbulldog and I am commenting below on the points which I think are different form how I see it but I definitely agree with general line of thinking by doctorbulldog:

doctorbulldog “One must unabashedly concede that Putin has accomplished a remarkable feat in revitalizing the sagging Russian economy by emendating and implementing the old school Soviet program of brinkmanship.”

2008 voter: “I would not give that much of credit to Putting for that , mostly for price of oil. If he would manage to boost Russian economy with oil $30 for barrel I would be impressed, otherwise it is more like a luck to be in right time in the right place.”

doctorbulldog “the younger generation of Russians (those who were not yet born during Soviet rule) are fanatical in their support of Putin. They have no idea of how evil he truly is, as most of the news that they listen to is extremely pro-Putin. Of course, it helps that Putin controls all of the major television news services in Russia, along with most of the radio stations. As for the newspapers, he just has the reporters mysteriously killed whenever they begin to question his policies. This is also an essential part of brinkmanship, as it enables the Kremlin to control public perception in Russia, thus maintaining governmental stability while engaging in questionable politics.”

2008 voter:Unfortunately success of this indoctrination was in large secured by American policy toward Russia during 90( or rather lack of any coherent policy) In the early 90s late 80s perception of US was very favorable in Russia until “Gore/ Chernomirdin” commission under supervision of Al Gore started pump blindly money into Russian economy ( read mafia) , until US bombed Belgrade and choose to support every single anti Russian move of former Russian satellites.

The public perception of Russia driven by “experts” and ignorant US media was grossly humiliating toward Russians and was basing on the amazingly stupid and obviously wrong perception that Russians are finished.

doctorbulldog “And, therein lies the crux of the problem. Putin controls the minds of the Russian youth through rigid regulation of the Russian media, just as Hamas is manipulating the minds of impressionable Palestinian children in preparing them for Jihad against Israel. “

2008 voter: Commonalities between Hamas and Russia are obvious this is why they such close friends. But please do not overlook the differences: Russia has no ideology today. It is essentially mafia state were AL Capone ( read Putin) first was assigned to the state ruling post and them after easy manipulations with criminal oppression of all opposition was “ elected” by those who survived his ruling before elections.

Hamas are Islamo-fascist ideologists. Putin is just a crook and he thinks as a crook. Interesting thing is that hamas in long term is a bigger danger for Russia than USA unless Putin’s crooks and ruled mass are considering Islam as a state religion in close future.


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  1. 2008 voter,

    Interesting… Allow me to ruminate on your first comment while I run an errand for my wife. Afterwards, I well do my best to present to you a well referenced “obiter dictum.”


  2. Err, that should read, “..I WILL do my best..”


  3. hey Doctor:) any time i am looking forwrad to know what you think:)

  4. As I am currently the proud new father of a five day old baby girl and my wife is still recovering from her C-section, it is no small task for me to write at length. So, in making a case for crediting Vlad “the bear” Putin with revitalizing the Russian economy (no small task, I might add), and assuaging my time constraints, I will break this down into several postings over the next few days.


    “Of, relating to, being, or imposing a form of government in which the political authority exercises absolute and centralized control over all aspects of life, the individual is subordinated to the state, and opposing political and cultural expression is suppressed”


    In a Capitalist Democratic economy, the President is rarely responsible for the success or failure of the country’s market economy, as the citizens are the primary motivating force behind the economy (even though the politicians would have you believe otherwise when they are running for office). However, in a Totalitarian Society, by definition the Leader and his co-horts are active participants in that country’s economic gains and losses.

    An excellent lecture on a Totalitarian government and its economic implications, was presented at the Mises Institute’s “The Economics of Fascism, Supporters Summit 2005” (they, of all people should know!) and is available at:


    After closely watching recent events in Mother Russia, it is my personal view that she is expeditiously reverting to a Totalitarian society.

    First, I would like to point out some key Legislation proposed by Putin, approved by the Federal Assembly of Russia, and signed by Putin that has squarely positioned Russia on the road to Totalitarianism:

    1) Federal Constitutional Law On the State Anthem of the Russian Federation:

    Proposed on January 15, 2000, signed on December 25, 2000: It changes the Russian anthem to a version based on the musical score of the pre-1991 Soviet anthem.

    – OK, I just thought I’d throw that one in there to re-enforce Putin’s love affair with the Soviet Union…

    2) Federal Law On Modifications and Additions to the Russian Federation’s Legislation in Connection with the Passing of the Federal Law On Countering Extremist Activities and Federal Law On Countering Extremist Activities:

    Proposed on April 29, 2002, signed on July 25, 2002: These regulations define the notion of extremism and establish measures to counter it, including procedures of suspension of political parties, public and religious associations.

    – Here, Putin has laid the foundation for removing any political parties that he deems, “extreme.”

    3) Federal Law On General Principles of Organization of the Local Self-Government in the Russian Federation:

    Proposed on January 4, 2003, signed on October 6, 2003:It establishes a limited list of powers of the local self-government and defines the circumstances under which they have to be delegated to executive power bodies of the Federal subject.

    – Here, Putin begins to limit control of the state and hands those powers over to the Kremlin.

    4) Federal Law On Parliamentary Investigation by the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation:

    Proposed on September 26, 2005, signed on December 27, 2005: It regulates the parliamentary investigation and prohibits parliamentary investigation of the activities of the President, court and investigative authorities if they comply to the processual law. Also it establishes that no parliamentary investigation should last longer than a year and that the cases processed by a court should not be subject to it.

    – Here, of course, Putin is in the process of making it more difficult for parliament to investigate any possible wrong doings by Putin and his cohorts.

    So, quite clearly, Putin is in the process of consolidating power in Russia, and this is just the tip of the iceberg…

    Well, that is about all I have time for today. In part two, I will delve into various trade agreements that Vladimir Putin has instituted.


  5. dear Doc!!!
    I do agree that what is going on in Russia is a Totalitarian Society it always was ( with exception of Eltsin years ) it always will be a Totalitarian Society. I just not sure that it has any other choice. Let me put together some of my thoughts and I will go back to your points.
    For right now I just want to tell you 2 things
    1. congratulations to your wife and you with your baby girl!!! Let us leave her even better world we have today
    2. thank you for making such an elaborated posting on my blog I greatly appreciate your input in the discussion

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