Bush and Putin project a united front? Too good to be true?

“President Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin projected a united front Monday against Iran’s suspected nuclear weapons program.” (read)

Considering that according to this “when addressing All-Russia’s Conference of Public Science Professors, President Vladimir Putin cautioned against allowing to inflict the feeling of guilt on Russia”, it is hard to predict what is good relations with USA in Russian terms. However, on the record Putin “ said that democracy will be the method of Russia’s state organization,”

If indeed Russia and USA will find some common denominator in politics, it will change the world as we speak.

Alliance of Russia and USA is possible and rewarding for both sides, however, it is hard to predict how deeply anti–American sentiment corroded psyche of Russian people. Years of anti-American propaganda sponsored by the state shaped already a generation of young Russians who grew up with the idea that USA is the enemy. The input of USA in building of understanding between Russia and USA may be even less impressive. So, the question is: even if leaders want to join their efforts, are people of Russia and USA really ready for that?

Maybe both countries proved to themselves that they cannot accomplish too much one without the other?

Maybe some poor Czechoslovakia was sacrificed yesterday?

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