Why we attacked Iraq? Why we attacked Nazi Germany? pacifism as aggressive wishful thinking

Why we attacked Iraq? Why we attacked Nazi Germany?

It never attacked the USA. Japan did , not Germany ! Why after Perl Harbor we invaded … Normandy??? Following the logic of today’s antiwar people we had to go after Japan , even not after Japan but after admiral Yamamoto ,personally . We supposed to find him and sue him.

Should war be a last resort? Why? To save lies? Does really refusal to go to war saving lives? If Hitler would be attacked in 1938 it would be an aggression, but it would save millions of lives . Pacifism historically killed more people than militarism because pacifism is inviting violence by ignoring first signs of violence. Our main problem is not on the battlefield but at home with those who want to be safe but who want to do nothing in order to be safe .

Pacifism is not an ideology of kindness it is essentially ideology of indifference and laziness . French in 1939 believed that it is better occupation than a war . They did survive nicely WW2 . Why? Because their refusal to fight for themselves was compensated by Englishmen , Russians and Americans who rescued them paying bloody price .They, not French did a dirty job bombing and killing , why ? in part to rescue French. But guess what , nobody going to rescue the USA if it will need help. It is already more than obvious . So if even we would like to hang around as French did in WW2 it is not an option for us . Who will rescue us ? French? Russians? Nobody going to help to the USA as USA did help others during WW2

The war is in trouble, there is no doubt about that

But we are in big trouble on the battle field not because we are fighting war but because we are trying to fight POLITICALLY CORRECT WAR.

Bush has no guts to do what he should do, to let our army fight it . Instead he tried to be a diplomatic with moronic pretences for war (WMD) and with stupid talk about spread of democracy as our goal. Our goal is to be safe and preventive actions against states like Iraq were needed. It is like to tell police you cannot stop violence on the street with violence, you have to treat criminals like people ( and they are people) and try to persuade them to change their behavior, to win hearts and minds of criminals. Our main problem is mind set of people in the USA who are anti-war because they want everything to be nice and everybody to be nice and they are very upset when it is not happening. I would call that aggressive wishful thinking


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6 responses to “Why we attacked Iraq? Why we attacked Nazi Germany? pacifism as aggressive wishful thinking

  1. Alex

    “Why we attacked Iraq? Why we attacked Nazi Germany?…”

    there is a big difference between these two Q. The difference is the answer, the real answer on the Q.

    Nazi Germany – all nation all Germans were Nazi, 95% of the nation were Nazi and they did all the horrible things they did. Don’t tell me that “ordinary people” didn’t know what was happening in concentration camps all over Germany, don’t tell me that they didn’t know about the prisoners of war that were forced to work for them as slaves…all of them knew that.

    Germany killed and destroyed millions of people.

    Iraq – pure oil politics, nothing more, nothing less. USA invaded-excuse was “…they have a nuclear and chemical weapons…” truth was revealed just several months after invasion. No chemical and no nuclear threat!
    Now you have a hundreds of dead American soldiers, FOR WHAT! For Bush, for you…for better America…I don’t think so…

    I will mention one more thing, another issue but so close to this one Afghanistan.
    USA helped Afghanistan Taliban to fight Russia – former USSR. It was in USA interest. USA supplies Taliban with money from USA taxpayers, weapons, American soldiers were there to train their soldiers. OSAMA BIN LADEN WAS TRAINED BY AMERICAN ARMY OFICERS! and everybody in the whole wide world know that, except, normally American people… or they don’t want to know!?

    Attack on Iraq was just one more step to hatred of 70% of world population towards USA and unfortinatly its citizens…

    USA “prevented” nothing, there was nothing to be prevented…

    And one more thing,I am not a muslim,to mention just in case you wonder…

  2. “Why we attacked Iraq? Why we attacked Nazi Germany?…”
    First of all , sorry that I did not respond on your comment earlier, to be honest I completely overlook your comment ( such a good blogger I am ) Sorry . So, better late than never;
    I never said there are no differences between Nazi Germany and Iraq. I said that there are precedents for preventive wars. Of course all wars are different and no historical moments are alike. Name me two wars which are identical and I will show you that they are not. Dissimilarities between Nazi Germany and Saddam’s Iraq are not an explanation of anything , because no despots are similar and no two countries are alike . So the fact of differences explains nothing.
    About WMD: I doubt that you did read my posting at all because ,as I wrote , in my view the explanation for an invasion by WMD was stupid . You do not have to argue it with me ( if you are responding on my posting and not just expressing your feelings for whatever other reasons you might have). My understanding is that Iraq at 2003 was equal to Germany 1938. There were neither mass killings yet in Nazi Germany at that time , nor WW2 yet, but it was obvious that it is coming. Should we invade Germany back then in 1938 or we indeed had to pacify Hitler as Chamberlain did ? These were our real choices.
    About our soldiers killed in Iraq:
    My heart is bleeding for fallen soldiers ,but to presume that they did sacrificed their precious lives for nothing is, in my view, worse than to kill them. They did fight for me and for better America and I am grateful from the bottom of my heart for that . They did fight for you as well despite that you prefer to ignore reality.
    So what ? Everybody know that . But what does it explain? French under Vichy did fight along with Nazi against Americans during WW2 , so what ? Does it mean that our ally with France was wrong before the war and after the war?
    You wrote : “Attack on Iraq was just one more step to hatred of 70% of world population towards USA and unfortinatly its citizens…”
    Here is the key for your mistake. America did help Muslims in Balkans and in Afghanistan , protected Kuwait and Saudi Arabia against Iraq and what did get America in return ? 9/11! In case you forgot 9/11 was before Iraq and not after. So, if they already by 2001 hated us that much ,despite all our efforts to help them what war in Iraq can change toward their attitude to America? Nothing! They hated us then, they are hating us today, they will hate us no matter what we do. Prove me wrong!

    Finally ;And one more thing,I am not a muslim,to mention just in case you wonder…
    I do not care you if you are Muslim or not . There are Muslims who think rationally, and there are ….. wherever you are who is thinking only in terms “ blame America for everything” there are many Muslims who are thankful to Americans for what they did in Iraq despite all obvious mistakes . Unfortunately many people in USA do not want to accept a reality that in fact we were attacked and had to prevent future attacks . Did we do it successfully ? I do not know! Did we have to try to prevent future attacks? We definitely had to and we did!


  4. by da way im a 12 year old kid dat hates lots of ppl but im not racism

  5. could you please translate in in English? I will wait for 24 hours and I will delete this unreadable thing unless you will re-post it in English

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