anti-war or anti-victory?

There is no sense to talk today about anti-war movement. When in 2003 we were debating whether to start the war or not, then, yes, it had sense. You were either pro-war or against it (I was against), but since war has started this does not make sense anymore : everybody is  anti-war because nobody thinks about war in perpetuity. Everybody wants to end it. Does anybody love war? So, how you can be anti-something if nobody is pro-this very something?  Everybody wants to end the War in Iraq – that is not an issue. The issue is how to end it. There two possible endings. One is winning the war, and another is losing the war. So, there are no “pro-war” and “anti-war” voices anymore , there are “pro-victory” and “pro-defeat”/“anti-victory” people. And you have to choose.


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4 responses to “anti-war or anti-victory?

  1. I have to agree. I had the same theme on my blog yesterday. I feel we are at the Win or Quit stage. I prefer to see us win.

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  4. to smrtas1:
    “I prefer to see us win.”
    the problem is that Bush is incapable to articulate anything at all. Therefore all this pacifistic demagoguery is getting a free pass.Thank you for the feedback.

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