Why am I not a democrat? KKK + daily kos + senator Dodd

Daily Kos is KKK of nowadays.

Convention by left wing nuts with “all paranoia conspiracy theories” collected together is OK for free country ( against which these nuts are all trying to make a case ). But any ” reputable ” politician who associates him/ herself with this celebrations of political intolerance is marked as hatemongering for me. You cannot claim USA voters‘ votes and be in KKK in the same time, and the daily kos is KKK of the left today.

Same anti-Semitism, same intolerance , same demagoguery, same KKK-like IDEOLOGY DRIVEN actions , same disregard to the good of own country.

So who are those democrat candidates who are attending this festivity of intolerance in the USA today ??

Hillary will attend YearlyKos

I do agree with Patrick who made this comment :

“This is political suicide for them, the majority of America doesn’t
support or read Daily Kos… they are a hateful far left website.
Even the majority of left wingers will be turned off by this. Unless
they change their minds about this, this is going to hurt them long
term I would think. ?”

All main candidates from democratic side had to make their sacrifices on the ALTAR of daily kos. But Dodd went beyond of all of them. may be because he is a biggest looser or may be just he is the most stupid of all of them.

In anyway, today , senator Dodd and Daily Kos are two reasons why I am not a democrat.

I watched the piece with Dodd and O’Reilly on the Fox . For the record: I am not a fan of O’Reilly in anyway. I think O’Reilly is incapable to withstand a serious discussion, he is too self- absorbed and not intellectual enough. I am not a fan of republicans either. I voted republican last time but I feel myself independent after failure of Bush to fight the war as it must be fought ,thinking of our troops first and of anything else later .

So, I am not a partisan person . But what I found out after this segment with Dodd and O’Reilly on Fox is that I am accidentally ( may be )on the right side .I see no nutcases like Dodd on the side of republicans. I see that Dodd was beneath O’Reilly .Dodd was hysterical typical … left nut , because he is typical democrat today ???

Dodd’s logic is that because too many people are visiting daily kos it makes daily kos beyond criticism for, for example , disgusting mockery of Liebermann is the same as anybody would defend pedophiles and sex offenders are using the web to justify their addictions . There are too many people who are visiting pornography and pedophile sites , does it make it justified? Would democrats visit pedophile’s and pornographers’ conventions just because there are many people are visiting sites of that kind? I guess they would, and this is why I am not a democrat today.


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4 responses to “Why am I not a democrat? KKK + daily kos + senator Dodd

  1. in our country… KKK mean “Kataas-taasan, Kagalang-kagalangan, Katipunan.”

    In english, “Highest, Respectable, Katipunan.”

    It is a revolutionary group led by Andress Bonifacio to revolt agains Spaniards when they invaded the Philippines for 300 years.

    (i am not a democrat… i am myself.)

  2. “in our country… KKK mean …”
    Thanks for information, but in the USA KKK means … nothing , and i am going to vote in the USA

  3. I like Liebermann, but have not locked him in as my top candidate. He is in my top 3-4 choices. I am still waiting to hear more suggested solutions from all those in the running.

    I think many Americans are swaying away from party lines and voting in line with issues.

    (and then we sit back and pray that our elected officials will try to live up to at least a couple of their promises)

  4. to cavmom:
    Welcome aboard 🙂
    “I think many Americans are swaying away from party lines and voting in line with issues.”
    i do agree with that. Liebermann actually did prove Americans are drifting away from partisanship . By winning in 2006 despite Democrats supporting Lamont, Liebermann demonstrated that American people are not voting following party line. daily kos was all for Lamont and still Liebermann won and won decisively. Liebermann proved that daily kos is not that helpful in serious race.He is an independent de-facto and this is why Democrats from daily cos are so vicious

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