Mitt Romney , Ted Kennedy and Barack Hussein Obama

Yesterday’s democratic debates had few interesting moments . One of these moments is the question to senator Obama about Mitt Romney’s mispronouncing his name. What a problem? Obama’s full name is Barack Hussein Obama . Nothing is wrong with this name, but it is easy to confuse name Barack Hussein Obama with any other Muslim name. Ted Kennedy did it : (watch this ) He called  Obama “Osama bin — Osama Obama” Did Kennedy did it intentionally as well ?



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2 responses to “Mitt Romney , Ted Kennedy and Barack Hussein Obama

  1. I know from previous posts you have made on my blog that you have made that you are not a fan of John Edwards. I have thought long and hard about who I want to see as our next president.

    You can see my thoughts at

  2. It is not about me not being a not a fan of John Edwards , i do not think i am a fan of any democrat and i see no big difference between democratic candidates. Unlike republicans who are presenting variety of different spectrum of ideas from Raun Paul to Mitt Romney all democrats are alike . with an exception of My favorite among them of Dennis Kucinich, he is at least somehow funny: guy did see an UFO LOL:)
    But thank for invitation i will read your post

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