McCain versus Romney

Everybody is against Mitt Romney!

Is it fair?

May be so. May be not. I did not shape my opinion yet.

But what I definitely do not like is that John McCain (whom I respect tremendously for his stance for our troops and for his service for our country) unfortunately, one more time, is going against free speech.

Tell me please, senator McCain, what is a “negative campaign”?

I think a campaign ad or a statement could be either right or wrong. I do not care if it is “positive” or “negative”. I need to know if it is correct or wrong. Let me decide if it is positive or negative.

In general , my biggest problem with John McCain is his permanent opposition to free speech.

I did support Swift Boat Veterans for Truth in 2004 . I was appalled that John McCain went against those veterans. Why? These are veterans of the war, same as he is. These are US citizens who have the right to speak their mind. You think they were wrong? Argue with them! You think they were lying? Then sue them!

But do not try to shut them up just in order to be nice. It is a very distorted sense of nobility.

And here we go again with Romney. If Romney lied, then sue him. If Romney is wrong, then correct him! But stop this whining about negative campaigning! Positive campaign is an oxymoron.

By the way, Mr. McCain, do not you think that permanent complaining about campaign’s negativity is a form of negative campaign of its own?

Besides, Mr. McCain was filibustering Mr. Romney all the time. Do not you think so?

One more thing: John McCain’s pinches toward to Romney’s fortunes are annoying as well. Since when in the USA is it a crime to be rich?

The more they attack Romney, the better he looks.


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3 responses to “McCain versus Romney

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  2. [“By the way, Mr. McCain, do not you think that permanent complaining about campaign’s negativity is a form of negative campaign of its own?”]

    I love that. I agree! Especially when he doesn’t defend himself with hard facts. He only ‘whines’ & mocks at Romney’s fortune and ability to put out commercials on Huckabee & himself (McCain)!

    What man in their right mind would put out facts about someone their competing against that weren’t true — knowing that there would be debates where they could prove him wrong? …. EXACTLY! Romney has done his research and knows what he’s talking about. Hasn’t anyone noticed that neither Huckabee nor McCain has defended themselves with hard facts proving Romney’s ‘negative campaign’ wrong?… EXACTLY!!!!

    Look at his character when he speaks — he’s self assured, knows what he’s going to say before he says it, and is the only man with an elaborated plan! He’s solid, and he’s a perfect example of a leader this nation needs right now. It’s about time the Nation wake up and wipe their eyes clean and really take a hard look. He’s the most solid and prepared man out of all of them!

  3. I do agree with you Rebbecca however i doubt he will win a nomination . i think democrats and independents are heavily for McCain and ironically we republicans are not in control on destiny of our nominee.

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