Who is voting for Ron Paul?

Is Ron Paul popular??? Yes he is! Does it mean that he is right? No, it does not. Why is Ron Paul is popular? Because racism and anti-Semitism still have a lot of fans in this country. Fight anti-Semitism and racism of Ron Paul, fight arrogant isolationism, say a word against Ron Paul. In the meantime….whatever you do, do not say anything, if you want …. after all, KKK have to have somebody to vote for.


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2 responses to “Who is voting for Ron Paul?

  1. Stefan

    Your statements are entirely non-sensical! He has many Jewish supporters, his political influence (Von Mises, Rothbarb etc.) are all Jews and he has jewish political partners (Sabrin, Goldwater etc.). A NAACP leader who knows him since 20 years has a very favourable/positive view of him, he gets the most votes from blacks from all Republican candidates. And his foreign policy is that of non-interventionism, NOT isolationism. In fact intervention in the affairs of other countries has caused the US much isolationism and hatred/anger in many countries.

  2. Stefan!
    It is so typical: you said NOTHING about links i provided. What about them? Are these articles not true?
    Paul has a very well documented history of racially dubious statements and actions.Will you deny that ?
    Jewish supporters? what does that prove ? There are jews in israel who support Palestinians and opposed to Israel government : go figure
    The fact is undeniable :
    there are hundreds of pages around the internet of near neo Nazi and white supremacist type fellows who support Paul would you argue with that? Why they support him? I do not want to pollute my blog with links to them and i am not going to do a research for you, just open your eyes and admit that there are many fascist leaning people support Paul. I have no answer why some blacks some jewish and some nazi came together under the wing of Paul . I am just not that much interested neither in his persona nor in reasons of his popularity. Thanks god he is irrelevant in this race and will never get a nomination, so i am not doing a research. I am just stating obvious facts:
    1. there are fascist for Paul
    2. Paul has a history of racism and antisemitism and neither black voters nor hired in campaign staff jews can give him an alibi .

    His “foreign policy is that of non-interventionism” is based on absolutely idiotic presumption that 9/11 happened because we did not behave ourselves well, and if we will be nice with al qaida and withdraw they will treat us nice. Reminder:
    9/11 was before intervention therefore question of “non-interventionism” is absolutely irrelevant and wishful thinking.

    “intervention in the affairs of other countries has caused the US much isolationism and hatred/anger in many countries.”
    If they hated us enough to do 9/11 what is a point to worry that intervention will bring more of hatred?

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