Palin’s daughter punished by a baby?

OK, Palin’s daughter is pregnant.
Would we know about that if she would have an abortion? We would not. So in eyes of democrats Palin ‘s daughter is “punished by a baby”
as their messiah defined that.
We need real not corrupted honest politicians and guess what? All of them are real mortal people. I would rather accept VPs daughter not planed pregnancy than I would accept my potential president who voluntarily for all life of his daughters kept them in a racist church.
Obama raised his daughters under a guidance of Jeremiah Right ! Tell me who is better parent , Palin whose daughter pregnant or Obama who raised her daughters feeding them poisonous ideas of certified racist?
Understood , they will not leave Palin alone, but at least admit that if it would be Obama’s daughter a baby would be already slaughtered without a noise to avoid a “punishment by a baby”.

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One response to “Palin’s daughter punished by a baby?

  1. Obama could have called the attack dogs off but he likes the dirty laundry. He will let them try and destroy this minor in the hopes of taking down Gov. Palin and McCain, politics.

    Obama has taken this tack before. He would rather lose the Iraq war at any cost in order to get the Presidency that he feels entitled to.

    Obama’s decision would have been to abort the child. And I have Video Proof that he would not like his daughters to be PUNISHED WITH A BABY!!!!! We Know your values and morals that is why you are falling in the polls and will fail miserably in November.
    more at;

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