Obama, Palin and the real change

Obama is young, eloquent, good looking, gives excellent speeches and doesn’t look like all those other presidents on the dollar bills”. He is definitely making history by that. I do agree. But, guess what ? Now, there is a new person in the race. This person is younger, better looking , more eloquent than Obama and making speeches which Obama can just dream about. This person does not look like those presidents on the dollar bills either. Considering that color of a dollar bill is green ( not white and black ) this person look even less like those presidents on the dollar bills than Obama, because she is a women !

This person is Sarah Palin! And she is making history today !  She is authentic, she is  real, and she represents the  change which Obama trying to pretend  to be.


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4 responses to “Obama, Palin and the real change

  1. dennymajor

    Hahah. She is “more eloquent” than Obama?! Of course, I support Obama – but I don’t think many would agree with you here.

    She was very nervous sounding at the beginning of her speech and she read it like a script . . . I thought it was a terrible delivery. Plus, she came off very arrogant and demeaning with her insults and mockery of Obama. Not to mention her many lies.

  2. Sarah Palin is a class act, poised, and electrifying.

  3. Hi, dennymajor!
    Please ,remember!
    Sarah made her FIRST national scale speech ever and Obama spent all his life making only speeches .
    All his experience is only speeches, he is professional experienced talker who can do nothing but talking . She is a governor of the state who has more than speeches in her resume .
    We may be have different taste and you cannot appreciate a speech without fireworks, Greek columns (yak, such a taste ) and croud of Germans shouting … Fuehrer…sorry… Obama , Obama? Insult and mockery of Obama? What was untrue about Obama in her speech?

  4. Welcome Shirley ! I love your blog Thanks for stopping by:)

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