10 thing which I know about Obama

there are 10 thing which i know about Obama and which will never allow  me to vote for him

1. He did break the promise of public financing

2. he spent 20+ years in racist’s Church of Jeremiah Wright

3. He never disclosed his internet donors

4. he is affiliated with Acorn which is involved in voter registration fraud

5. he did nothing in his life other than writing books about himself and his father

6. he is proven plagiarist

7. he is playing race card all the time

8. he is going to spread wealth around taking from those who made it to give to those who need it ( classical socialism)

9. he is tied not only with terrorists Bill Ayers style but with his radical Islamic relatives

see this :

10.he has on the ticket another certified plagiarist and another demagogue who did nothing other than speeches who in addition he is obvious idiot ( and they are dare to smear Sarah Palin, Having cretin Biden on the ticket))

and one more: he never  voiced an oppstion  to corrupted democrats such as Pelosi, Dodd , Frank, Rangel and others …never


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2 responses to “10 thing which I know about Obama

  1. While the whole world is asking how Obama got the incredible amount of money that he is spending on his campaign there is a much more important thing going on: there is a secret tape about Michelle Obama and her terrorist Muslim friends that is kept hidden in the offices of API and FOX News.
    It is immanent that the American people get this information. As future president I demand that these tapes are released immediately!

  2. And yet there is not one thing you list that John McCain is running about. That’s the problem with the GOP, you have no agenda other than “the other guy scares the crap out of me”. Don’t worry, you guys will have four year to retool your strategy and rethink your alliance with the Christian right wing nut jobs. In all your mention of Obama’s connection with Ayers, why no mention of Palin’s secessionist husband. Touche.

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