I do not know for whom I am going to vote 2008 . These notes are my thinking process. I am registered republican ( so far) but I do not feel myself a republican anymore. I do not feel myself a democrat either.

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  1. You recently replied to an entry that I made on another blog about Ann Coulter. You mentioned that John Edwards talking about two Americas is more hateful than anything Ann Coulter has ever said. As a person who grew up in privledge and who has dedicated his life to public health for the poor and the homeless- I can tell you without equivocation that there are definately two Americas- the poor that have no voice in political debate and those that have that opportunity. Quite frankly the rift between the haves and the have nots has grown to an unacceptable level in this country. It is sad- very sad. Just check out some of my posts on my blog the Alligator to see just how strongly I feel about these issues. I challenge you to document your point of view, as you will see on my blog I research and document everything that I state.

  2. Nobody denies that there are poor and rich in America. There are rich in every country with exception of countries where there are only poor — that is not the point.

    There are poor and rich people, there are black and white people, there are left and right — it all exists and it is a problem, everybody sees it, nobody denies it, nobody needs anyone’s lecture about that. When Edwards uses these obvious divisions, abuses the problem by inciting hatred of both sides for each other for his own benefit, he is making it worse.

    Do you want the destiny for USA that Russia had in 1917, when “poor” Russia destroyed “rich” Russia? Do you want the destiny of Germany, when the same “Two Germanies” concept was used by Hitler to get to power? Please remember, that NAZI stands for National Socialist German Workers Party! So, there is no excuse to play with those socially-dividing, hate-mongering, propaganda slogans today, knowing that tens of millions of people where sacrificed for the sake of this demagoguery. That was my point.

    Now, on the personal note:
    “As a person who grew up in privledge and who has dedicated his life to public health for the poor and the homeless”
    I am a person who grew up NOT privileged, and some members of my family are still poor. So, it is a bit ironic that you are telling me that there are poor in this country. I was poor when I came to this country, I know what poor is, not as you know it in theory, but by my own experience. And, believe me:

    I know what I am talking about, when I am saying that there is no other country in the world where poor people have as many chances as they have in USA.

    I am not rich, but I am not poor anymore either. I managed it by my efforts, and I see no excuse to be poor in this country unless it is a temporary condition, or conscious choice, or it is a destiny of people delusioned by “Two Americas” propaganda, where poor are tricked into thinking that somebody else will resolve their problems, not them. It does not mean that everybody will be rich, but worse thing that you can do, is to make poor jealous of the rich, instead of them thinking of becoming not-poor.

    So, as you see, I do not need neither privileged you nor millionaire Edwards to understand that there are two Americas. I know what America is, and let me challenge you : please tell me of any country where poor are better of, than in USA? If you cannot, it means that what you are saying is a pointless propaganda.

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