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Romney, McCain and timetable

according to CNN

“The sharpest exchange in the debate came when Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts, was asked about the McCain campaign’s charge that he once said he favored a strict timetable for removing troops from Iraq.

Romney has consistently denied ever having backed a timetable and said McCain was taking a small portion of a quote out of context.

“It’s simply wrong,” Romney said. “By the way, raising it a few days before the Florida primary, when there was very little time for me to correct the record, falls in the kind of dirty tricks that Ronald Reagan would have found reprehensible.” But McCain, the Arizona senator who has strongly backed President Bush’s Iraq policy, accused Romney of hedging after public support for the war waned.”

OK, if it is so why state talker McCain would not say in a few days before the Florida primary that “Romney of hedging after public support for the war waned” instead of lying about Romney embracing a timetable foe withdraw ?

 McCain may be right that Romney should support surge back then in more clear words. I would agree with McCain in that.

But I am troubled by the fact that instead of criticizing Romney for not clear enough supporting the surge  , McCain start making stories about Romney accepting a timetable. Why in order to make a legitimate point McCain has to lie?

Is it the high moral ground on which McCain is making gains?

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McCain versus Romney

CNN super Tuesday republican debates;

McCain versus Romney:

“ I am a leader and I was leading out of patriotism not for profit.”

Does it mean that McCain is discounting all those who are making a leaving by making a profit by entrepreneurship? Is it enough to be hero to diminish all those who are keeping economy running by making personal profits?  How can McCain be a president of the USA if he is mocking the idea of making profit in the USA?

May be he should just apply for position of Defense secretary in Romney administration?

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Ron Paul versus OBAMA?

Watching republican debates on FOX

Ron Paul: republican party is threatening to Iran and Pakistan

Wait a second was it OBAMA who was going to attack Pakistan? Name me one republican who did advocate this idea

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McCain versus Romney

Everybody is against Mitt Romney!

Is it fair?

May be so. May be not. I did not shape my opinion yet.

But what I definitely do not like is that John McCain (whom I respect tremendously for his stance for our troops and for his service for our country) unfortunately, one more time, is going against free speech.

Tell me please, senator McCain, what is a “negative campaign”?

I think a campaign ad or a statement could be either right or wrong. I do not care if it is “positive” or “negative”. I need to know if it is correct or wrong. Let me decide if it is positive or negative.

In general , my biggest problem with John McCain is his permanent opposition to free speech.

I did support Swift Boat Veterans for Truth in 2004 . I was appalled that John McCain went against those veterans. Why? These are veterans of the war, same as he is. These are US citizens who have the right to speak their mind. You think they were wrong? Argue with them! You think they were lying? Then sue them!

But do not try to shut them up just in order to be nice. It is a very distorted sense of nobility.

And here we go again with Romney. If Romney lied, then sue him. If Romney is wrong, then correct him! But stop this whining about negative campaigning! Positive campaign is an oxymoron.

By the way, Mr. McCain, do not you think that permanent complaining about campaign’s negativity is a form of negative campaign of its own?

Besides, Mr. McCain was filibustering Mr. Romney all the time. Do not you think so?

One more thing: John McCain’s pinches toward to Romney’s fortunes are annoying as well. Since when in the USA is it a crime to be rich?

The more they attack Romney, the better he looks.


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