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Fox TV debates

OK debates are over. Whom do I like?

None of them! All of them said smart things occasionally (even Paul: about not sending money to Arabs). But none of them have an articulated position which would make me sure that they are ready for dealing with today’s problems.

I will have to vote for one of them because on the other side (democrats) are certified demagogues with no practical experience at all.

Is it not funny how Democrats are picking on the record of Rudy Giuliani and/or Mike Huckabee? Democrats are in excellent position to criticize. They themselves made no mistakes because they never did anything. What Obama or Edwards accomplished other than speeches? Speech about two Americas, Speech about change in America, Speech about two changes in one America, Speech about multiple Americas with many changes… you pick, your choice. But what other than speeches? OK, Obama you are asking for change. Is not a time to change a tune, Obama?

I would say republicans suppose they have an easy target. Against them are a bunch of well trained certified demagogues with no accomplishments and experience. But republicans seem not ready to get this target. Not yet. I start looking on Romney, since “my guy” Duncan Hunter is out.

This guy at least has a proven economic/business accomplishments.

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Al Sharpton makes me vote for Duncan Hunter Thank you AL!!! you are the best!!!

When Reverend Al Sharpton is getting the seat of host in Chris Mathews show, it explains a lot about the nature of Chris Mathews show.

Ok let me see :

Reverend Al Sharpton, the person who in front of the TV cameras declares that all Duke LaCrosse 3 players are GUILTY?

Al Sharpton who “ organized crowds of protestors, screaming about “bloodsucking Jews” and “Jew bastards” and threatening to “burn the building down.

Al Sharpton who “never apologized for his remarks against Pagones. “

Who, when “in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights section erupted after 7-year old Gavin Cato, a black child, was accidentally killed by an out-of-control car driven by a Hasidic Jew” organized angry demonstrations and challenged local Jews.

The guy who is in “1983 FBI surveillance video in which Sharpton was taped discussing a money-laundering scheme with mobster-turned-informant Michael Franzese, onetime captain for the Colombo crime family.”

so this anti-Semitic hatemongering criminally-connected guy is hosting Chris Mathews show?

Yes he is!!!

What it the most amusing part of all this circus, this anti-Semitic racist is using example of Coulter as personal attacker”? This goes beyond imaginable limits of common sense. I had a lot of personal discussions online during last days about “Coulter versus Edwards“ case and the general sentiment of those who are on the left is that Coulter is a hate-mongering personal attacker. What about Sharpton??? He made his name on spreading hate and left is OK with that and Chris Mathews is making him a host of this show? Actually this show deserves Al Sharpton as a host. I am just wondering who is the next in line to get a seat on the host chair in the Chris Mathews show? Osama bin Laden??

But I actually want to thank both Mathews and Al Sharpton for bringing to my attention a person for whom it is worth to vote. I mean Duncan Hunter. He was a terrific on the show and just started my research on him. Whom before this show I did not consider seriously to vote for. you see : never loose your optimism even from watching such show as Mathews/Sharpton show can be extracted some use


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