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Coulter versus Edwards : in the light of the fairness doctrine

Summarizing my overview of blog postings dedicated to Coulter versus Edwards incident I would like to offer my conclusions:

1. a set up arranged by Mathews. This guy ambushed Coulter with Edwards waiting on the side to be unleashed on Coulter .
2. when candidate on the USA president’s position (or his wife a would be first lady ) asking a voter to stop personal attacks it looks strange. it is like person who is running for an office is reprimanding a voter for not being nice with a candidate .
It reminds me of Stalin style personal cult when nobody can do anything but express admiration to person of a leader.

I think that people like Coulter making more harm that good in the voting process. Our society is polarized enough to not exacerbate this polarization. But in the same time it is obvious to me that
1. similar to Coulter figures on the left are not getting the same amount of concern as she does, in opposite they are cheered by the same people who are blaming Coulter
2. Coulter has a right to do what she does
3. Coulter was set up, so in this sense Elisabeth was not asking her to stop the personal attacks but Elisabeth committed conspiracy with Mathews, arranged a Springer style circus with ambush attack which shows Elisabeth’s moral weakness
4. Funniest thing is that all over left blogs Coulter getting a barrage of the most possible vulgar and the lowest possible profane language in Coulter’s address and in the same time Coulter is blamed for being vulgar, which is pure hipocracy on the left bloggers account.
Me personally I think that “idea” of two Americas is a hate speech on much bigger scale I comparison with anything coulter did. When poor are learning how to hate rich and one America is set against another America for the sake of getting the power for Edwards.

in the light of fairness doctrine it shows how democrats will treat fairness in the issues of a free speech.

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