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Islam versus Islam : violence within Islamic community is it not a price to pay for hating the world?

I think the questions we have to ask ourselves are

1. why Islam is only religion today which impose violence globally ?

Balkans. Middle east, Chechnya, Indonesia , Cashmere , Sudan,  : wherever Islam has border with not Islamic world it is a trouble. Entire world cannot be wrong meaning Islam is doing something to inflame the world.

2. why Islam is the only religion today which imposes violence within its own community:

Palestinians versus Lebanon; Hamas versus Fattah; Shiites versus Sunnis in Iraq; and now within  Pakistan  it is the only religious community which has a permanent violent problems inside itself ( catholic  versus protestants  in Ireland is rather an exception than the rule, besides it is largely contained lately)

 Islam was for decades trying to inflict violence on not Islamic world, as a result,  it has created the new breed of hatemongering generation, created violent structures which went out of control and now inflicting pain on Islamic world itself : is it not a price to pay for hating the world?

 there are brilliant free  tips on the blogs for Muslims how to deal with that situation

“Here is a tip for my Pakistani brothers-when you know it is a radical mosque close the damn thing and donate the property to Israel. How many Imams are going to act up then? Here is another tip-don’t let anyone build a fortress like mosque. You are an Islamic country are you not? Why do they need a fortress? Do you really think anyone is going to attack it except you? BTW, I am available at reasonable rates to explain to you how to crush these islamonazis.” doctorbulldog

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Russia is the best friend of Hamas !!We will see very soon how Hamas and Russia together will rule the world !!!

It is a common fact that Russia’s ” position on Hamas is different from that of the United States and Western Europe,” (source) at least it is what Putin said, speaking back then at the annual news conference in the Kremlin in 2006. Knowing that Putin owns Russia there is no reason do doubt that what Putin thinks is what Russia does. So, knowing that “the Russian Foreign Ministry has never regarded Hamas as a terrorist organization. ” (source) it was not a big surprise that Russians are thinking that Hamas is entitled for Russian help . Why ? Because!!!

Officially it is because these Russians are thinking that “the ‘divide and conquer policy’ is not helping to solve the conflict,” ( source )

But is it not precisely what Russia is doing ? Dividing and conquering ? Supporting terrorists in order to sell more weapons ??? Russia without war is like France without fashion . So Russians are trying to support ANY war, especially if it is any chance to kill Jews ( historically it is a very honorable activity in Russia) and to make a damage to the USA (Putin needs an enemy to maintain his dictatorship after all)

According to Russian officials they still “ recognize President Abbas and the government he has formed,” but in the same time they ” cannot ignore the fact that more than half of the seats in the legitimately elected parliament belong to Hamas.”(source)


So what? According to Russians by winning the elections Hamas got a mandate to kill Fattah?

In any way , since when Russians are so respectful to a parliament ? Russians successfully did shoot its own parliament using tanks in 1994. Today they did reverse their sympathy and they are essentially legitimizing the killing of a presidents’ people by parliament ?

Russians really have a very twisted logic : according to Russia blog ( see the source at ) “The Russian part of the global war that touches everyone, including Americans, never gets reported in any depth. Maybe that’s why the Westerners have a difficult time understanding why Putin has invited Hamas leaders to Moscow.”

So, help me understand, the presumable failure of Americans to recognize the input of Russians in the war on terror did force Russians ….to support terror? Very creative !!!

But you just wait, the guy just claimed that Russia owns ….”the North Pole – and all its gas, oil, and diamonds” read it !!!

Believe me it is just a beginning!!! We will see very soon how Hamas and Russia together will rule the world !!!


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