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Greenspan’s Endorsement of Putin

Alan Greenspan is extremely talkative since recently:) Yesterday, Alan Greenspan did speak extensively to Maria Bartiromo on CNBC.

He said many interesting things .Those things are widely discussing all over internet. I want to point out only one very curious aspect of his discussion with Maria Bartiromo. Alan Greenspan was saying about Russian president Putin that Putin is someone who understands what capitalism is (!?!).

Hm. Really?

According to NY Putin undertook ( successfully) a campaign to bring Russia’s energy resources under state control.” According to Herald Tribune “Putin is using cash generated by record oil prices to increase state control of crucial industries. Such as military contracting business ,carmaking and aviation. Rosneft a Russian oil company is under state control.“

What is Putin’s understanding of capitalism? According to BBC “State-owned Russian oil firm Rosneft may buy more assets from troubled rival,[Yukos] By the way where is today Yukos’s CEO Mr Khodorkovsky? ? In prison. Imprisoned by whom? By Putin!

Quite a capitalism, Mr. Greenspan!

By the way everybody knows that before his arrest, Mr Khodorkovsky, 41, was not just rich. He was also very influential.[politically]”

Is this a capitalism according to Greenspan ?
I have now doubts that such a libertarian minding financial guru as Mr.Greenspan knows better than anybody else what capitalism is:)

But I doubt that Greenspan is always talking about what he fully understands for example about Putin and Rusiia.


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