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Go Romney!

Just vote for Romney: he is our last chance

McCain? He is way unpredictable to be a a nominee . McCain Huckabee ticket is a way to nowhere !

Remember :

illegal immigration

Global warming

McCain’s friendships with Kerry

if McCain is a nominee I am no longer a republican . Why would I?

Is Romney perfect? No he is not! But he is better than McCain and this is what counts today. let us face it: we have no  perfect candidate. So,  let us select  the best one from what we have ! Romney is at least a smart guy ! Unlike McCain (who was  ranked fifth from the bottom in a class of about 800 graduates) Romney was a brilliant student He graduated from a joint Juris Doctor/Master of Business Administration program coordinated between Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School. He graduated cum laude from the law school and was named a Baker Scholar for graduating in the top five percent of his business school class. Is anything wrong if republican nominee will be a smart guy?


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what Mexicans themselves are doing with their illegals?

If this bill would not be killed, then the USA would be doomed to do by this bill with its own illegals the opposite to what Mexicans themselves are doing with their illegals .

The point is that what the USA is doomed to do by this bill with its own illigals is opposite to what Mexicans themselves are doing with their illigals . Read the Memo From Mexico, By Allan Wall titled the “More Hypocrisy: How Mexico Handles Its Own Illegal Immigration”
Read this :
“the Mexican government mistreats ‘indocumentados’ that cross its territory, it keeps them in jails, in overcrowded conditions, many times without food, without medical attention and overall, violating their human rights.”
Mauricio Farath, another CNDH official, reported that in some Mexican states, Central Americans “go to the municipal jails, where they stay for days and weeks. In some small rooms there are dozens of them and they do not separate the men and the women.” [CNDH: Aquí se criminaliza a los ilegales, Victor Ballinas Enviado, December 21st, 2005]
And so on, and etc.
So Mexican are demanding that the USA would leave Mexico wishes and themselves would be free to ignore the rules they want to impose on the USA?

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