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Poll Reality

to reinforce my yesterday’s pointthat “polls are ignoring those who do not want to talk with pollsters and those who do not want to talk with pollsters are silent McCain supporters intimidated by cult of Obama”

I am glad to present this posting:

I’ve seen two reports now that polling companies are consistently reporting that they are getting 80% refuse to answer and hang up rates. That means to get 1,000 likely voters, they are having to call 5,000 people.

I believe it’s safe to assume that people voting for Barack are more likely to want to share their support of The One. It’s the thing to do. So many McCain supporters are getting called racist for supporting him, plus they believe the polls, especially from the Obamania media, are slanted to discourage them.


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polls: Obama Loses 2/3rds Of His Lead In One Week

interesting article : Another Poll Shocker – Obama Loses 2/3rds Of His Lead In One Week

and very interesting reader’s comment in the discussion:

Here’s an anecdote. I received a robo call from Rasmussen earlier this year (during the primaries). The reason I picked up the phone was because the name “Rasmussen” came up on the caller ID!! Gee, I wonder who this is? OK I’ll play. The robo call then led you through a series of questions, to which you responded by typing in a number from your phone (e.g. “on a scale of 1 – 9 please describe yourself, very liberal = 1, very conservative = 9″). You could, of course, pass yourself off as anything from Bob the rightwinger to Bob the progressive! Since you don’t talk with a live person, it would be difficult to detect mischief with this approach.

So the question is – How accurate is a “random” poll when poll-ee can refuse to answer (i.e. not pick up the phone) or, knowing who the pollster is (as in my case) can deliberately give false answers (I didn’t BTW)? The traditional measures of “margin of error” go right out the window, and the accuracy of such polls should be questioned. And I’m sure the collection techniques of other pollsters are just as bad as Rasmussen’s…

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